The Stronger By Science Podcast

2020's Most Notable Research (with guests Eric Helms and Mike Zourdos)

Episode Summary

This is a special episode featuring the entire team of MASS research reviewers. Greg and Eric are joined by Dr. Eric Helms and Dr. Mike Zourdos to discuss their favorite studies from volume 4 of the MASS Research Review, which covers the most notable exercise and nutrition studies that have come out in the year 2020. This episode coincides with the biggest MASS charity sale of the year, which ends on November 30th. A huge portion of the proceeds goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and these are the lowest sale prices you’ll ever see for our monthly, yearly, or lifetime MASS subscriptions.

Episode Notes

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Introductions (0:02:00). 

The First Bodybuilding Refeed Research (0:07:58). 

Penalty: Reduction in Gains for Interference (0:23:43).  

The Evidence for Myonuclear Muscle Memory May be Murkier Than Commonly Believed (0:55:17).  

Shedding Some Light on Vitamin D Supplementation: Does It Increase Strength In Athletes? (1:09:29). 

A Progression Framework for Hypertrophy (1:21:31).