The Stronger By Science Podcast

Bench Press, Intermittent Fasting, Body Composition Testing, and Dr. Grant Tinsley

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Greg shares some bench press tips, Greg and Eric discuss intermittent fasting, and Greg answers a listener’s question about mistakes to avoid when coaching beginners. Greg and Eric also interview Dr. Grant Tinsley, who tells us about some of his research on body composition, physique athletes, intermittent fasting, and determining which fruit your body is shaped like.

Episode Notes


0:00:45 Greg advertises his new premium service for up-and-coming fitness professionals

0:05:16 Feats of Strength (In Memoriam): Gene Rychlak

0:09:23 Coach’s Corner: Bench press tips

0:10:27 Squeezing the bar

0:12:05 Falling into the bench to lock out

0:19:55 The history of intermittent fasting in the fitness world

0:26:49 What research has taught us about intermittent fasting and time-restricted feeding

Meta-analyses on intermittent fasting strategies:

Studies on time-restricted feeding:

40:13 Potential mechanisms by which time-restricted feeding would be superior

0:44:19 Theoretical reasons for favoring high meal frequency

0:46:12 Brand new study by Tinsley et al

0:49:02 Training during an extended fast (study)

0:56:07 Time-restricted feeding during bodybuilding contest preparation

1:03:27 To play us out, Greg answers a listener’s question: “What are some mistakes that coaches make when working with beginners?”

1:16:58 Interview with Dr. Grant Tinsley

1:17:24 Grant’s background

1:20:36 How can a person get their body fat percentage accurately estimated?

1:23:15 Are body composition tests useful for the typical lifter? If so, how can people get their body composition tested in a reliable manner?

1:32:45 What’s up with these new 3-D body composition scanners? What are some potential uses?

1:38:31 Fat distribution: apple-shaped, pear-shaped, and much, much more

1:42:05 Grant tells us about his studies on bodybuilders and physique athletes

1:47:01 Why it’s important to check references in studies that use estimation equations

1:54:09 Grant tells us about his research on time-restricted feeding, along with some practical recommendations

2:03:57 How to stay up to date with Grant and his research