The Stronger By Science Podcast

Drug Testing, New Supplement Research, Squat Science, and Dr. Eric Helms

Episode Summary

In episode 8, Greg and Eric settle the dispute about who truly started the first ever fitness podcast. They go on to discuss advancements in athlete drug testing, research pertaining to protein and overfeeding, a surprising new study on ecdysterone supplementation, and which muscle groups are really targeted by the back squat. Then they interview Dr. Eric Helms about all things bodybuilding, including macro tracking, optimal training frequency, and management of training intensity and volume.

Episode Notes

Time stamps:

0:00:28 Addressing the ludicrous allegations that we didn’t create the first ever fitness podcast

0:03:05 Addressing the very true allegations that we are mad at Omar Isuf and Eric Helms

0:05:44 Feats of strength; Greg forgets that Brian Shaw is American

0:18:53 A discussion on drug testing in sport

Papers discussed: Cohen et al 2014,
Van Wagoner et al 2017

0:40:10 Research round-up: New studies on protein and overfeeding

Papers discussed: Charidemou et al, Kassis et al, Johannsen et al.

0:55:14 Research round-up: New studies on HMB supplementation

Papers discussed: Tritto et al, Teixeira et al ,

0:55:42 Mark Teixeira’s career MLB stats

0:57:07 Research review: Surprising new study on ecdysterone supplementation

Study reviewed: Isenmann et al. Ecdysteroids as non-conventional anabolic agent: performance enhancement by ecdysterone supplementation in humans.

1:16:03 Which muscle groups are really targeted by the back squat? Greg discusses his new article, which is available here:

1:32:39 To play us out: A gentle reminder that GREG IS NOT A HOST.

1:34:30 Interview with Dr. Eric Helms

1:34:58 Eric Helms’ background

1:39:37 Helms is currently prepping for a bodybuilding competition. Compared to previous competition preps, what is he doing differently this time around?

1:40:51 Doing contest prep without strictly tracking macros

1:48:31 How low do Helms’ calories get during contest prep?

1:54:05 How long is Helms’ current prep going to be?

2:00:12 When you get late into a weight loss phase, do you cut down training volume or intensity?

2:06:37 Are you doing anything to proactively address reductions in non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) during contest prep?

2:07:33 Helms and Trexler bash the regular use of HIIT during contest prep

2:08:02 Does Helms have any strategies or approaches that he likes to use, despite the fact that they aren’t necessarily backed by scientific evidence?

2:10:02 What are a lot of bodybuilders getting wrong these days? (Discussion: Ideal training frequency for bodybuilding)

2:13:54 Training studies are often quite short, and in relatively untrained people. Do the results from these short-term studies translate to long-term differences over a training career?

2:19:31 Is bodybuilding unhealthy? Should it be encouraged?

2:28:11 Helms plugs his “podcast” with Omar Isuf
(Note: after a thorough review, it does not meet the Stronger By Science criteria for formal identification as a “fitness podcast,” and therefore is not the first fitness podcast ever)

2:30:50 How can people get in touch with Helms?