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Q&A: Dropping Weight, Building Strength to Promote Hypertrophy, and Training Around Pain

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric discuss how to cut weight for powerlifting, dealing with exercises that cause pain, the acceptability of putting pineapple on pizza, and much more.

Episode Notes

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0:57 “Is there any carry over or need to develop strength in the 1-5 rep range in order for that strength to be carried over into the 8-12 rep range for hypertrophy promotion?”

Meta-analysis of high load vs. low-load training; similar hypertrophy in spite of different strength gains. Also worth noting that the theory behind reverse linear periodization (starting with low volume/high intensity and progressing to high volume/lower intensity) is that early strength gains will help lead to more hypertrophy, but that’s never panned out in the research (one example here).

14:33 “When in a caloric deficit, should you reduce training volume, or training intensity?”

Localized depletion of stored glycogen.

27:11 “How should you train for explosive activities, such as parkour?”

Individualized programming for people with force vs. velocity deficits.

37:30 “Does pineapple belong on pizza?”

41:32 “Which is best: chicken wing, chicken thigh, or chicken breast?”

47:51 “What’s the best way to cut weight for powerlifting, in terms of performance?

54:30 “When you have pain during a certain exercise, how do you decide whether it’s worth rehabbing that movement vs. picking a different exercise?”

58:29 “What things have contributed most to your success in powerlifting/bodybuilding?”

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