The Stronger By Science Podcast

Sex Differences in Fatigue and Recovery, and Dr. Jason Cholewa

Episode Summary

In Episode 2, Eric Trexler was confused at The Avengers, Greg Nuckols shares a couple of crazy feats of strength, and Greg gives us a detailed rundown of his recent study evaluating sex-based differences in rates of bench press fatigue and recovery. Greg explains how he ran the study, what he found, and how it might affect the way you train. In the interview portion, Eric interviews Dr. Jason Cholewa about his research on betaine supplementation, the state of research in exercise science, and the state of higher education in general.

Episode Notes


00:02:09 Introducing Master Greg Nuckols

00:06:06 Eric was confused at The Avengers: Endgame

00:09:44 Feats of Strength: John Haack, Marianna Gasparyan

00:16:35 Background and rationale for Greg’s study (fatigue and recovery differences between men and women)

00:32:26 Study design and methods for Greg’s study

00:42:18 A summary of the results of the study

00:46:38 How do Greg’s results apply to “real world” training?

00:52:33 To Play Us Out: Advice for pursuing a degree in Exercise Science

01:06:34 Interview with Dr. Jason Cholewa (Associate Professor, Coastal Carolina University)

01:07:57 Jason’s background

01:10:04 Jason’s research on how betaine supplementation affects body composition and strength performance

01:20:52 Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement formulas

01:31:17 The state of research in exercise science and sports nutrition

01:43:00 The state of higher education

01:55:43 Non-evidence-based strategies: does pre-competition cryotherapy help for bodybuilding/physique athletes?

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